Internal Medicine

डॉ हमबीर मजुमदार

MBBS, MD Internal Medicine

OPD प्रतिदिन 10:00 से 2:00 बजे

तथा सायं 6:00 से 8:00 (रविवार अवकाश)

Department's Services

The Infectious Diseases Unit in the Department of General Medicine provides extensive inpatient and outpatient services in pediatric infectious diseases including those in the immuno-compromised. We are providing complete treatment for all kind of fever like Dengue, Typhoid, Malaria, TB, HIV, AIDS etc. We are also handling all case of fever of unknown reason.

The service provides immunizations and advice to all parents and children visiting the hospital. The services provide all available Vaccines against many diseases like Swine flu, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, PneumoCOCCAL, Hepatitis, etc. These Vaccinations are done under the strict guidance of Dr. HAMBIR MAJUMDAR during OPD hours.

Rheumatology encompasses a wide variety of inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions of the musculoskeletal system as well as conditions of non-infectious multi-system inflammation.  Joint and Muscle pain can be cured with  Modern Medicine can be controlled effectively.

All facilities for treatment and diagnosis of all type of allergy condition are available. Ishwar hospital is the only hospital which provides a skin prick test (SPT) for allergy diagnosis. Ishwar hospital is the only hospital in Ambala which providing allergy management with immunotherapy like GangaRam Hospital Delhi, AIIMS Delhi. For COPD patients round the clock facility for BIPAP, nebulizer, Oxygen etc are available.

Diagnosis and treatment of heart disease are done under MD internal medicines. Services like ECG, Oxygen, Nebulization, lipid profile Troponin-T and other heart enzymes are available  24*7. We also doing TMT and other related heart and blood vessels test.

  • We are having endoscopy procedure facilities for all the problems.
  • We are having medical and surgical treatment.

Round the clock facilities for all types of treatments including EEG is available in our hospital.

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